Antigen and Antibody Tests

We offer priority access to both Antigen (virus) and Antibody tests currently at two locations – Lyndhurst and Broadview Heights. Tests can only be scheduled through the links below. Results are available as follows:

Antibody Tests: within 24 Hours
Virus Tests: within 24 Hours
Traveler’s Certificate: within 48 Hours

There is a member priority scheduling fee for all tests. If an approved insurance plan is being used, your only out of pocket is the scheduling fee. If you do not have an approved insurance plan (see chart below), then the full testing price below will be charged.

Member Priority Scheduling Fee with Approved Insurance:
• Antibody: $65
• Virus: $80

Cash Price (No Approved Insurance):
• $100 for Antibody
• $150 for Antigen Virus


For traveler’s or others in need of a test certificate (PCR), there is only a cash price of $175. No insurance option is accepted.

* Only Approved, In-Network Insurance can be used. See the list below. You must bring a copy of your current insurance card for verification prior to getting tested.

We currently accept the following insurance plans
Please note that we do not accept any forms of Medicaid